Yooooo I’ve created a website to harbor all of my things!


So for a while, Folks would navigate to my website www.alisondowdney.com, and there would be nothing there.

People would email me and tell me nothings on my website - until now. I’ve now got things on my website.

What does your website run off?

Hugo + GitHub Pages + GitHub actions

But how?

NOTE: This is a really abridged version of what I did, full tutorial coming soon.

I ran the following command

hugo new site alisondy.github.io

Added the theme.

Went on github and created a new repo.

Added the new repo as a remote.

Made sure to push all the files up.

Created a cool github action.

Configured github pages to track of the gh-pages branch my github action was publishing to.

Configure the records for my domain.

Configured the site for my domain.

What Next?

Now that I’ve properly setup a blog, I want to blog more.

I’ve got many ideas for posts, I’ve just got to get them down in writing.